Fragments of a
lost knowledge

frammenti di una conoscenza perduta 1

The first volume that inaugurates the incredible “Journey through the mysteries of the world and the human being”!

Imagine embarking on a journey, without a precise destination but with the certainty that each stage will enrich your baggage, both experiential and cognitive: subtle energies and electromagnetic fields, spiritual dimensions and quantum physics, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, metaphysics and unknown civilizations, unexplored theories and ancient cultures on the verge of disappearance…
How does all of this converge in the “human machine”? And above all, how can the 21st century men and women use it to improve their lives, strengthen their health and gain more self-awareness?

This volume brings together many years of work, research and spiritual practices, some of which are already available on the blog of this site, in the form of articles. The latter have been selected, structured and deepened to give the reader a complete overview of the so-called “fragments of a lost knowledge”, seeds of wisdom now far from the school desks.

roberto fagnani frammenti di una conoscenza perduta

Soon the Introduction and the first three Chapters
will be available for free download.

Why write “Fragments”?

Asked about the birth of this literary work, the author makes himself the spokesman of a certainty: our instruments – the body, the mind and the breath – are nothing more than the reflection of the universe around us, with which, unfortunately, we have broken the synergy link since long ago.

Only through a complete knowledge it will be possible to restore humanity’s connection with nature, passing from the rediscovery of its own spirituality and harmony among the many people.

Integration with the cosmos and the understanding of its changes will then give us an irremovable will, capable of guiding the individual to the achievement of all his goals.

This global vision of existence and human being, its capabilities and its latent faculties, is also the origin of the HASHI Method, a teaching system promoted by the author and based on traditional martial disciplines, on meditative arts and ancient oriental breathing techniques.


Here then are the first “seeds of knowledge”, techniques and notions aimed at developing awareness and psychophysical balance, corroborated by some practical examples that show how it is possible to experience our dormant potential in everyday life.

This essay is but the prelude to a second volume, much more detailed and adequate for the “consolidation of the roots” just developed, where will be treated exercises to be tested in safety for all those who are not satisfied with the simple theory.

copertina frammenti

About the author…


Personal growth coach, martial artist and metaphysical researcher, Roberto Fagnani was born and lives in the province of Siena, in the Tuscan countryside. A lover of travel and ancient cultures, after graduating in economics he spent a long time in India, teaching English and deepening his studies of orientalism, already undertaken in parallel with his university career. In addition to the blog, from which this volume was born, he is the author of the adventure thriller “The Traveller”, published by Corpo&Mente Libro.