The Traveler

il viaggiatore roberto fagnani

The first adventure-thriller of the Aquarius series!

An exciting journey, breathtaking discoveries, fierce and bloody duels, following the wave of a mystery lost in the mists of time.
And more magic, history, archaeological finds, astral demons, modern warriors and traces of forgotten ancient civilizations, merged in a unique adventure that will take you from traditional American landscapes to the 21st Century cities of Japan, reaching the highest mountain range of the planet!!!

And this is just the beginning: professor Jin Parker, detective Cora Hoover, the eclectic Striated Buffalo and the indecipherable Mabel Foster are destined to intertwine their paths and emotions, throughout the incredible vicissitudes of the Aquarius Series!

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Translation ongoing!

Read now for free the Prologue and the first three Chapters!!!

What does it mean to write a novel?

It’s a growth process. I would have never imagined that by writing these pages I would dig so deeply into myself.

It’s who I am, who I want to be. It’s all the events that have marked my life in the past, or characterize its present. Studies, travels, passions, dreams… Whether I wanted to or not, everything seemed to flow through the ink of my pages, giving birth to a living creature. I felt as if the characters could almost come to life and give voice to their thoughts!

Who is the Traveler?

This question comes up often and I’ve asked myself
the same thing.
I usually say that we are all Travelers, to the extent of our awareness and the mastery of our lives and choices.
It’s not about physically moving in space, but about exploring.
It’s not about getting on a plane, but about closing our eyes to dive into infinity.
Mystery, knowledge and opportunities are around all us, at any given moment.
The point is: do we have the courage to grab them when they’re presented to us?
By reading these pages, the reader will be put to the test: where does reality actually end and where does fiction begin? What’s the line between the possible and the fantastic?
My wish is that your intuition will push that line much further than previously expected in your “everyday experience”…!
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A taste of  
“The Traveler”

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In a contemporary New York, the investigation about the death of two teenagers brings together the lives of the four protagonists: an NYPD agent with a troubled past, Cora Hoover; a henchman of an international crime organization, Striated Buffalo; a businesswoman in search of herself, Mabel Foster; and a college history professor, Jin Parker.
The latter, an archaeologist and martial arts expert, is in possession of a gift that transcends common reality. He will be the keystone on the intricate path that will lead our protagonists from the United States to Japan, where an archaeological excavation has brought to light the skeletons of two warriors, who lived five hundred years ago.
Clues, encounters and coincidences, drawn more by fate than by chance, will catapult Jin and Cora right into the arduous Himalayan mountains, where an adventure beyond any imagination awaits them: hidden for centuries behind the harmless flapping wings of a thousand butterflies, a hurricane of events and discoveries is ready to unleash on the entire planet.
roberto fagnani scrittore2

About the author

I was born in Asciano, Italy, in 1989. Asciano is a small village in the middle of the Tuscan hills, where I still live, working as a martial arts teacher and writer.
il viaggiatore
While I was studying at the Faculty of Economics, I had the opportunity to be part of an internship that brought me to India. Experiencing a new lifestyle and culture, based on such different rules and dynamics from what I was used to, awoke the traveler in me. India is a country with a thousand faces, and I had such a profound and enriching experience, teaching English and Kung Fu to all sorts of people, and living surrounded by luscious vegetation and cotton fields.

There, I realized I could no longer live without following my passions!

So I decided to dive deeper into my actual areas of interest: traditional martial arts from Japan and China; Metaphysics; Qi Gong; Meditation and Ancient Knowledge.

In 2015, I founded Exploring Earth, a non-profit association that allows university students to complete internships in developing countries.

In 2019 I created “Wǔ Dào Duì”, the “Team of Martial Path”, with a single goal in mind across my teachings: to help others know themselves better and develop the maximum potential of their body, mind and will.

Correct breathing techniques, meditation and ancient martial arts movements are the tools I chose to achieve this goal, and the results with my students have been astounding.

My personal style was born, and I decided to call it “the HASHI method”. In Japanese the word means “bridge”, which symbolizes our ability to regain possession of our lives, through all the natural elements available to us. My idea is to create a bridge between the body and the mind, between modern physics and ancient metaphysical knowledge, between the Eastern and the Wester culture, between ourselves and others.

All of these incredible experiences eventually became a river of paper and ink, where fantasy played a rather marginal role. The adventure was there, before my eyes, ready to be transformed into the thriller “The Traveler”, the Aquarius Series’ first novel!

Literary Awards

Finalist in the narrative section at Virgilio in Antica Atella (Virgilio in Ancient Atella) International Literary Prize, in its second edition in the city of Frattaminore (Naples, Italy); delivered on November 23th, 2019.

Premio Virgilio in Antica Atella
Premio La Luna e la Spada

Finalist in the “published novel” section at National Prize for Narrative and Essay Writing La Luna e la Spada (The Moon and the Sword), organized by the magazine Skribi at Pian di Scò (Arezzo, Italy); delivered on November 30th, 2019.

Premio La Luna e la Spada

Special Jury Prize for the section “most awarded book” at the XIV edition of International Award Memorial Gennaro Sparagna (in memory of Gennaro Sparagna), organized in Minturno (Latina, Italy) and delivered on December 7th, 2019.

Memorial Gennaro Sparagna
Premio Golden Holmes Awards 2020

Novel’s honorable mention in the “published books” section at the Golden Holmes Awards 2020 International Literary Prize, special edition at the city of Naples, Italy; delivered on September 12th, 2020.

Premio Golden Holmes Awards 2020

Finalist in the section “published narrative books” at the Alberoandronico National Award, XIII edition, in the city of Rome; the award ceremony took place via videoconference on September 23th, 2020.

Locandina concorso Alberoandronico

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