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Discover yourself through
unconventional methods

Hi, I’m Roberto

A personal growth coach to discover yourself through unconventional methods: Oriental Martial Arts, books, travel and ancient spiritual sciences.


Curiosity and destiny have given me the instruments to open my mind and realize my dreams! Now I want to share them with you! Are you ready to discover your potential?

Personal Growth and Awareness

Mastering one’s own will and destiny through the ancient sciences of body and mind…


The vigour of Martial Arts for a healthy body.


The mind discipline to sweep away all the thoughts that oppress our daily lives.


Breathing techniques to eliminate stress and release subtle energy.

Psychophysical balance, awareness of our own “human machine” and synergy with the surrounding environment, these are the keys to an existence at the hundred percent of our potential!

The Martial Way Team

Wu Dào Duì

Inside you will find free lessons, exchange of opinions and useful information on Oriental arts:
Martial Arts, breathing exercises and meditative practices.

Personal growth classes

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THE BODY – Martial Arts

Techniques for all levels coming from the traditional styles of Kung Fu, Yoga, Karate, Kickboxing, Aikido and Jujutsu, with the aim of extrapolating the most effective instruments to get maximum performance from our body.

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la mente

THE MIND - Visualize, perceive, contemplate

Often our mind is overloaded with unnecessary thoughts and worries. It is then necessary to tame and re-educate it through the correct use of meditative techniques bequeathed to us by the ancient oriental sages. The purposes: serenity and inner stillness.

qi gong

WILL AND BIOENERGY - Breathing and Qi Gong

They are the “connection bridge between body and mind”. It is essential to reactivate and direct the subtle energies to exploit all our potential, to cultivate longevity and to preserve psychophysical health.

“Dream big, after understanding
who you are and what your dream is.”

Roberto Fagnani