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Discover the new HASHI method!

corsi online

Online lessons

The levels of the HASHI Method


A trained, flexible and powerful body


A calm and conscious mind


An active and deep breath, to let the vital energy flow

Risveglio Energetico sito

Energy Awakening, Qi Gong & Martial Balance classes

The program of these classes, born as a “soft version” of the Traditional Kung Fu course, integrates techniques of Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Tibetan origin to reactivate the body(Noguchi taiso, joint warm-up), to control the breath (Zhan Zhuang, Pranayama, Qi Gong) and to train the mind (Sci-ne, inner immersion, bioperception). The goals? Well-being, harmony and self-awareness.

Kung Fu Tradizionala sito

Traditional Kung Fu classes

Courses aimed at all age groups, at separate times, focused on Shaolin Kung Fu and including the basics of Zhan Zhuang (static ideomotor training), Qi Gong (dynamic breathing, coordination of joint kinetic chains and bioperception) and meditation (active visualization, introspection and study of memory palaces).

corso difesa personalie

Martial arts private lessons


Acquire martial techniques of attack and defense


Develop your innate charisma to achieve every goal


Empower the body and mind through ancient oriental disciplines


Conquer tranquility and psychophysical balance


Discover the benefits of ideomotor training and proper breathing

Roberto fagnani il mio stile

My “style”

To the question “which style do you teach?” I often have difficulty answering…
How can you talk about style when you try to outdo yourself and acquire an identity?
How can a style born hundreds of years ago, on the other side of the world, reflect every aspect of the individuality of a Westerner in the 21st century?
Then I answer this:

I teach what I realized about Kung Fu and Aikido, Qi Gong and Kickboxing, integrated with meditation, a correct breathing method, and everything needed to better express the potential of the body, mind and spirit. Because if it is true that there are many styles, it is equally true that there is only one human being.

The Martial Way Team

Wu Dào Duì

Inside you will find free lessons, exchange of opinions and useful information on Oriental arts:
Martial Arts, breathing exercises and meditative practices.

simbolo HASHI
simbolo giap

The HASHI method

A Bridge to Yourself

Martial Art is the Way I have chosen to discover and express my identity.



In Japanese this word means “bridge”, whose ideogram, broken down into individual radicals, can be translated as “taking possession through wood”. It is exactly our goal: to regain possession of our life, through the natural elements that we have available. We just need to learn how to use them, creating a bridge between body and mind, internal and external, modern science and ancient metaphysical knowledge, materialism and spirituality, East and West, the individual and the group.


The main goal is self-knowledge. Without it, we are lost in the night of the world. Everyone needs a Way to follow, but the only way to discover it is to question who we are and what we really want. And in doing so, let us not forget to appreciate every moment. Often it is the research itself that reveals to us the answers we are looking for…


There are no better techniques, just as there are no better people. There are only instruments more or less suitable for individuals, who will be free to choose those who most conform to their nature and psychophysical constitution.


There are no limits to practice. Everyone is free to add “himself” to the instruments and techniques learned in the group. After all, how can we fully reflect ourselves in arts created centuries ago on the other side of the world? So let us feel free to express our essence through the changes that our deepest intuition suggests. Like water that adapts to every rocky crevice and every turn along the river of life, we let our consciousness unravel itself harmoniously through the streets of the world, until we discover our own identity, our own way to happiness.


These disciplines are neither a religion nor a sect. There are no magic formulas to be recited or idols to be recommended to. The strength of the group lies in the ability to share instruments and experiences to ensure that everyone reaches their goal: the daily serenity and the strength needed to make life an adventure worth living.


Martial Arts and Spiritual Sciences are not for everyone. They require dedication, commitment, constancy and patience. If you believe you have these qualities, you are ready to immerse yourself in a world that will give you immense satisfaction, repaying you with a great awareness and an inexhaustible reserve of will, that you can employ to achieve your goals and to make all your dreams come true!


Giving to receive. As I have already pointed out, you must be ready to put yourself in the game with courage and passion: you can not get everything right away, but the commitment is always rewarded and soon you’ll see the first practical results!

Are you ready to start your training?