I decided to introduce myself by telling you how an unusual lifestyle has allowed me to fulfill dreams in the drawer!

A journey steeped in Oriental Martial Arts, ancient spiritual sciences, books and trips to the East.

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chi sono

I was born in Asciano in 1989, a village in Tuscany where I still live today, surrounded by nature and silence.

Over time I became aware that I could not live without traveling and chasing my passions, which continue to give me great satisfaction, recognition and knowledge… Even taking me to teach on the other side of the world, in India!

Often the limit between teaching and learning is really thin,for this reason, while wearing the clothes of the instructor, I never stopped studying and learning, expanding my knowledge with metaphysics, epigenetics and quantum physics, Qi Gong and meditation, shamanic arts and the many styles of traditional martial arts, from China and Japan.

I understood from the very beginning that all these disciplines are not only physical and mental training, but a real instrument to discover ourselves, overcome our limits and probe our consciousness.

chi sono

But who is Roberto?

He’s a not entirely unprepared lover of traditional Martial Arts and former Italian champion of Chinese sabre, he founded the school Wǔ Dào Duì – “The Martial Way Team” – and for many years he devotes himself to the training of athletes of all ages, following his HASHI method

He studied with many internationally renowned teachers, graduating in the meantime in Economics at the University of Siena.

In his training includes a seven-year practice with a yoga teacher and researcher of sacred geometries who prefers to remain anonymous, with which he refined his knowledge of metaphysics and made new experiences of the “subtle world”, a universe he continues to explore through the study of the ancient shamanic, daoist and mudric arts.

He’s a collector of techniques and knowledge coming from ancient times and remote places, oriented to self-knowledge and to the development of an immovable will, which have the “collateral” effect of eliminating any form of anxiety and stress.

Firm supporter of the need to travel to know the world and oneself, he lived in India for a long time, teaching English and Traditional Martial Arts in schools immersed in the jungle and cotton fields. In the meantime he has known a reality hidden from the eyes of the world, which has led him to found the non-profit association Exploring Earth.

Researcher of truth and silence, in recent years he gives lectures in schools and universities on topics such as esoteric sciences, oriental arts and the cultivation of will and health through a correct use of the body, mind and breath.

In 2019 he published his first adventure thriller, “The Traveller”, (translation on going!) the opening volume of the series “Aquarius”. In 2021 he published his first essay, “Fragments of a lost knowledge” (only in Italian language), a work of metaphysics that compares the most innovative discoveries of Western science with ancient knowledge and esoteric practices.

Both are published by Corpo & Mente Libro and distributed by Macrolibrarsi, for whose online magazine, Science & Knowledge, he has been writing articles since 2021.


“Achieving success is like waking up from a bad dream: it seems impossible, but it is only a blink dominated by willpower.”

Roberto Fagnani


Travelling is for me one of the most important instruments to know ourselves.

It allows us to put ourselves in the game, to interact with cultures diametrically opposed, to meet people with such incredible experiences, as if taken from the tale “One Thousand and One Nights”! Our mind opens, our spirit is nourished with an immeasurable wealth of knowledge!

Filippine Roberto Fagnani

But let’s go back to the incredible adventure I experienced in the East!

The long time spent in India was only the first real trip, to which I have reserved many articles of my blog.
But the most precious fruit accrued as a result of this experience is Exploring Earth. It is a non-profit association that aims to create internship opportunities for college students in schools in Central India, and soon we will expand to other nations.

We try to give everyone the opportunity to know completely different realities from the European one, to live adventures that will leave forever an indelible imprint in the baggage of memory and emotions!